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March 01 2018

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I drew the black panther t’Chala from the recent hit movie black panther. havent seen the movie yet, i hope its good

Edit: some of you have pointed out in the comments that i made an error with the race and also my sexual preference . But does it matter what race Tchalla is? There are white people in Africa too. Or this could be a side effect of the vibranium.

A lot of white characters are made black, so whats the problem now? You guys are being hypocrites

EDIT 2.0 : People saying that he has to black because of some stupid reason that hes from africa. Thats bullshit , that means that Heimdall has to be white because hes a Norse mythology god who are all white yet he was made black

Edit 3.0 : people in the comments want me to apologize. Im sorry you people get butthurt over trivial things like skin color.

Edit 4.0 : funny how a lot of black tumblr accounts claim BP belongs to them yet BP was created, greenlighted produced by white people. Funny how what belongs to you wasnt even made by you. Must be sad to have a fiction movie be the only thing that evaluates your existence.Its not real lol

Edit 5.0 Just because he has black in the name doesnt mean he has to be a black man. For example black atom, black bolt, black widow, black canary Its obvious a lot of non comic book fans are commenting here. Please stop you know nothing about the lore

Edit 6.0 Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to change him white. End of story


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